Cost Estimating

We are committed to building within your budget to help you get the most out of every square foot. By providing low, medium, and high cost solutions in all facets of the process, we allow you to make your priorities number one. Before we begin construction on your project we will provide you with a comprehensive project budget giving you the benefit of knowing the cost prior to completion of even the construction drawings. Our estimate will allow you to progress, investigate funding options, or adjust your needs all before beginning construction, and it allows us to ensure we will bring in your project on an established fixed budget.

Value Engineering Analysis

Through our experience with countless civic, commercial, and residential projects, we’ve come to understand that designing and building within a budget requires that both immediate “needs” and future “wants” be identified. Once identified, a project can be designed and constructed to accommodate the immediate needs while still allowing for future expansion and flexibility. As Construction managers, we look to save you money by involving tradesman, subcontractors, and suppliers early on and throughout the design process to work in conjunction with the architects and engineers. Their practical knowledge in terms of alternatives, cost, operating and maintenance, and new technology is extremely beneficial.

Project Scheduling

The Triumph Construction team is committed to the project schedule and completion date. With over 30 years of experience Triumph Construction knows how to match scheduling with the resources of equipment, materials, and labor with project tasks. Throughout the duration of your project, the project manager will periodically refine and maintain the accuracy and completeness of your project's schedule, sending out weekly reports to you. We will always keep you in the loop on what’s been competed, upcoming stages, and any decisions you need to be a part of.

Pre-Construction Services

Triumph Construction will help you define the project scope, discuss potential concerns, and analyze cost impacts. Our experience has shown us that pre-construction efforts can lessen risks for the owner; and determining the project cost and schedule upfront can reduce unexpected costs and variations in the project schedule. (REWRITE)

Sub-Contractor Bidding

The quality of your project relies heavily on the skill and integrity of our subcontractors. After three decades of projects, we have working relationships with some of the top subcontractors along the Wasatch Front. Our bid packages produce quality bids that give the best value to the project owner.

Quality Control

Triumph Construction works to get things done right the first time, but in the rare times when mistakes do happen, we know the importance of fixing those things. Our company was founded on the idea of seeing projects through to perfection, and we work closely with our contractors to ensure your project is completed just as you’d dreamed.

Safety & Environmental Control

Safety is the number one priority at all levels of the construction process. Triumph Construction works every day to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, and the communities in which we build. We prepare for everything from blizzards to storm water, and countless other potentially hazardous conditions. Triumph Construction also looks out for the environmental impact that our process has. We ensure to leave no negative impact, preserving vegetation, preventing runoff, and creating energy efficient structures that have a minimal carbon footprint.